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Envisioning, creating, and sustaining a world that is community driven, rooted in equity, care, justice, and understanding.


We help clients examine and eliminate their conscious and unconscious use of oppressive systems and practices, especially towards marginalized groups. We do this through equity and inclusion trainings (training the trainer), organizational equity audits, and building sustainable partnerships so that clients feel empowered to continue their work towards building equitable organizational structures and systems.

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Who We Are

Equitable Minds, LLC is a national Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consultancy founded in January of 2021. After summer 2020 where the entire world was made evidently aware of the continued social injustices faced by marginalized groups, we saw a notable uptick in organizational desire to move towards anti-racist practices.

While this is an important and necessary ideological shift, we know that there is a gap in how these entities are committing to ongoing DEI efforts. Equitable Minds views DEI work as a lifelong commitment and as a result are looking to build sustainable relationships with potential clients.

Comprised of a team of skilled DEI practitioners, we develop trainings that aim to equip our clients with the knowledge and tools to envision, create, and sustain a world rooted in equity and care.

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We provide free 30 minute consultations!

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What Our Clients Say

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I honestly really liked the people running it, I felt like they both did a really great job with connecting with their audience and getting us to open up and reach our own conclusions about what transformative justice can look like.

-2022 Telluride Association Summer Program Participant

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I really found that the depth of the introspective section of the training really moved forward our discussions about Transformative Justice and our understanding of what Transformative Justice looks like and can do. I really really loved


-2022 Telluride Association Factotum

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The powerpoint slides were well-organized and informative. I will definitely adopt the way yall do the community guidelines. I've done a version of this in my classes before, but I like that way yall structured it.

-2022 Telluride Association University of Michigan Summer Program Faculty


Current Clients

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